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Libya’s Haftar calls for forces to attack Turkish ships and interests

Libyan strong man Khalifa Haftar, the forces of the country ordered them to attack the Turkish ship and interests, the spokesman Friday, Turkey said that the conflict in Libya accused of giving support to their competitors.

General Ahmad Al-Mesmari said, he ordered to target Turkish ships and boats in the Libyan waters. Turkish strategic regions, companies, and projects of the Turkish state (in Libya) were considered legitimate. “Haftar, the Libyan National Army, which holds eastern Libya and most of the south of the country, launched an attack on the takeover of the capital in early April.

Libya has been on the run since a NATO-backed uprising that overthrew and killed the dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, killing militias fighting for control of the oil-rich country.

Haftar, a retired general who was involved in the rebellion against Gaddafi, launched an attack in May 2014 to clean up Islamists, whom he described as Libya terrorist Libya in Libya. Mesmar, “the whole earth would be arrested by Turkish citizens in Libya” and “all flights are made from Turkey and Turkey will be banned,” he said.

He did not explain how the flight ban could be applied to areas that are not under Haftar’s control.

The Spokesman accused Turkey to help Haftar’s competitors (the internationally recognized Government of National Agreement (GNA).

He captured the town of Gharyan, 100 kilometers (about 60miles) southwest of Tripoli.

On Wednesday, Haftar lost control of the city he conquered on April 2nd and built the operation center. Both sides accuse each other of using foreign mercenaries and receiving military support from foreign powers.

The United Arab Emirates and Egypt’s Week with support from Qatar and Turkey accuse GNA support.

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