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Libya… The most dangerous terrorist leaders fighting alongside the national Accord government

The leader of the terrorist organization Ansar al-Sharia, Adel al-Rubaie, appeared on Monday in the battlegrounds of the capital, Tripoli, fighting against the Libyan army forces two years after his disappearance.

Another strong indicator of the growing number of fighters linked to terrorist organizations in the ranks of armed militias loyal to the national Accord government.

The social media and pages close to the general command of the Libyan army, portrayed the terrorist, al-Rubaie, as a field commander in the ranks of the militia of the “steadfast brigade” led by international Saleh Padi, south of the capital Tripoli, where he appeared carrying a belt of cartridges.

Al-Rubaie is one of the most dangerous terrorist leaders of Ansar al-Shari’a, a group loyal to al-Qaeda, which participated in the battles against the Libyan army in Benghazi. He is accused of several kidnappings and assassinations targeting the youth of eastern Libya, Where news circulated back then that he died in the battles.

Since the beginning of the military operations led by the Libyan army to liberate the capital Tripoli on April 4 from militias and terrorism, the leaders of terrorists and personalities wanted locally and internationally, mobilized their military forces and joined the battlefield, to support the forces of the government of reconciliation in stopping The Libyan army to the center of the capital Tripoli, and declared themselves in videos shared online that they are fighting against the Marshal Khalifa Hafter, commander of the Libyan National Army.

The warlord and brother of the Muslim Brotherhood, Badi, who is under international sanctions for war crimes and undermining stability, and the human smuggler Milad Rahman, who is on the list of UN Security Council sanctions, along with the wanted terrorist Ziyad Balaam, the founding leader of the so-called Council The al-Qaeda-linked Benghazi rebel shura, as well as al-Da’ashi al-Far Abdul Salam Shgheib, as well as other members of the Benghazi defense brigades all joined the national accord government army.

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