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Libya Cannot Handle Freedom, Thinks the Dissidents
Libya Cannot Handle Freedom, Thinks the Dissidents

Libya Cannot Handle Freedom, Thinks the Dissidents

Muammar Gaddafi was the dictator that the dissidents abhorred. This abhorrence made them pick up arms against him. However, after seven long years of the Arab spring revolution, the dissidents think that they have made a mistake by taking part in that revolution. In the past seven years Libya, liberated from the grasps of Gaddafi, has seen everything. Starting from the revolution against the dictator, the country has gone through democracy, chaos and a new kind of tyranny respectively.
The problem that the dissidents think is that during the time of Gaddafi, there was only one dictator in the country. Now, contrarily, there are innumerable dictators running amok. The irony is that the militia which played a major role in defeating the Gaddafi regime has become dictators themselves.
About three years ago, the United Nations has said that the chaos would end if a stable government is formed in Libya. UN hoped that the gangsterism of the country will end after a stable government is created. Their hope, however, died as the government was not able to expunge the militia. Instead, the government of the country has become duty-bound to them. It has been reported that the warlord of the country should be considered to be paid by the state. The simple method to gain this payment is to threat the banker with methods of kidnapping or worse.
Similar kind of pressure has made the government hand over the surveillance information and intelligence to the Islamist militia. To gain the most benefits, different groups of militia fights each other. They also fight the army of Nationalist warlord Khalifa Haftar. Haftar is becoming one of the most popular names in war-torn Libya. A rare American survey indicated that 68 percent of the population supports the army of Haftar. The dissidents say, even though everybody knows that he is a warlord, they think that this is the right kind of ruler that Libya needs right now.

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