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Libya: 4 killed in bomb blast during a funeralservice in Benghazi

Four people killed and 33 injured when a car bomb hit a funeral service of a former senior military officer in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi. Eastern administration’s interior ministry spokesperson told media.

The funeral service at Benghazi’s Huwari burial ground was for Khalifa Mismari, the associate administrator of Libya’s special forces under former leader Muammar Gaddafi, who got defeated in 2011, a military source said.

An eye witness saw two burnt cars at the blast scene. As indicated by the military forces, the present leader of the special forces, Wanis Bukhamada, was attending the funeral service but he was safe.

General Ahmad Al-Mesmari, the Libyan National Army’s spokesman, accused the Prime Minister of Libya’s Tripoli-based government Fayez Al-Sarraj of funding militants in Benghazi and said that he has turned into the political face of terror groups.

On Thursday, in a press conference, Al-Mesmari said the Libyan National Army does not separate between terror organizations in Tripoli, Al-Qaeda, and Daesh, and that all Libyans should supporting the LNA’s military every way.

Libya is divided between rival political and military factions situated in Tripoli and the eastern parts of the nation since 2014.

The special forces have become the critical part aligned with Khalifa Haftar the field marshal who controls the eastern part of Libya.

Haftar has been waging an attack to take the capital Tripoli, in the west of the country, the battle has slowed down

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