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As mass awakening has become the run of the hour, Lebanese citizens are out to topple the government in power

Lebanese Take To Streets Demanding Change of Regime

As mass awakening has become the run of the hour, Lebanese citizens are out to topple the government in power.

As the angry mobs have taken to streets, protesting against, decades of ongoing systematic corruption nexus, citizens are demanding explanation over lost resources and questioning the despicable state of civic amenities and social justice.

The mass protests are being termed as the biggest since 2015 and are unanimously seeking the fall of the Hariri regime.

The Lebanon PM Saad Hariri has now given out a deadline of 72 hours to his government to find ‘convincing solutions which will give results.’

He has said to have been pushing for change since 2017 but has been brushed aside, due to the heavy levels of corruption within the blamed politicians in his national unity government, which includes Iran-backed Hezbollah and rival political parties, for blocking economic reforms.

It is worth noting that Hezbollah has already been listed as a terrorist faction by the United States for its alleged involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Hariri has said to have gathered funds over $11 billion for rehabilitation and upliftment of Lebanon in general.

In 2018, Lebanon had won aid pledges exceeding $11 billion in Paris that had come as an investment program after international support to boost its economy.

The pledges had included $10.2 billion in loans and $860 million in grants, France’s ambassador to Lebanon Bruno Foucher had then tweeted in the social media.

Lebanon has been battered by seven years of war in neighboring Syria and has been applauded for hosting more than a million Syrian refugees.

It has been seeking funds for investment to overhaul its infrastructure and lift dwindling economic growth.

Donors, in turn, had wanted to see Lebanon commit to long-stalled reforms. PM Saad al-Hariri had nodded to those demands, pledging to reduce the deficit of the budget as a percentage of GDP by 5 percent in the coming five years.

This money was never utilized to the fullest.

At the heart of the mass protests now, comes the role of Lebanon’s political leaders who are being held responsible for decades of systemic corruption people say has pillaged the country’s resources.

This includes President Michel Aoun and his son-in-law, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil.

A similar outburst was reported in Iraq sometime back, when citizens took to streets, starting from October 01, slamming the current government of their callousness towards uplifting the country’s economic and social system.

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