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Lebanese government is one step from collapse

Lebanese government is one step from collapse

The Lebanese government is one step away from collapsing. One after another, the ministers begin to abandon the ship, sinking under the blows of the street protests.

The first to leave on Sunday were the Druze Minister of Information, Manal Abdal Samad, and DamianosKattar, the Minister of the Environment, who is part of the same Christian-Maronite sect as President Michel Aoun, an ally of Hezbollah.

Many rumors are certain for today, Monday, other resignations, which would lead to the collapse of the government led by technician Hassan Diab. The first would be the Minister of Defense Zeina Akar, followed by that of Finance Ghazi Wazni and even by the Minister of the Interior Mohammad Fahmi, who in these hours has the responsibility of dealing with street demonstrations.

The pressure of the demonstrations, exploded after the catastrophe of Tuesday, August 4th, in the port, led many members of Lebanese society to ask for a change. On Sunday, it was also the turn of the Maronite patriarch Bashara al-Rai who directly asked the government to resign. In Lebanon, the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, is a Maronite, and it is he, with the support of his party, who has guaranteed the majority with Hezbollah that has governed the country in recent months.

In recent days, premier Hassan Diab, a technocrat, admitted that early elections are necessary. “We cannot get the country out of this crisis without a new popular mandate,” he said.

The problem is that thanks to the electoral system based on sectarian quotas, community leaders can influence their constituents. Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Druze, and all 17 confessions recognized in the Constitution have little freedom of maneuver. They have to elect the same family heads who, over the years, have become Mafia leaders, engaged in plundering Lebanon of its wealth.

Across the part of the country that opposes the growing role of Hezbollah, hostility is rising over the increasing role that the Shiites led by Hassan Nasrallah, linked to Iran, are gaining.

The fact that the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate deposited at the port were somehow under the control of Hezbollah security makes a thousand speculations circulate in Lebanon about the role of the military wing of Allah’s party in guarding that huge explosives deposit. Or at least not having managed the affair correctly together with the Christian-Maronite allies of Aoun’s party.

The Lebanese political spectrum is, therefore, returning to divide dangerously. From one side, the parties linked to Iran, Hezbollah, and the movement of the Christian Aoun. On the other, the parties with ties with the West, in particular France and the United States. Such as the Sunnis of Saad Hariri and the Christians of Geagea and Gemayel. With the possibility that sectarian conflicts will start again violently.

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