Lawyers for Boston’s Marathon Bomber Request Appellate Court to Cancel His Conviction

Back in 2013, during the annual Boston Marathon, two Kyrgyz-American brothers by the name of DzhokharTsarnaev and TamerlanTsarnaev were responsible for carrying out horrific bombing attacks. They used homemade pressure-cooker bombs that detonated near the finish line killing 3 individuals and injuring many.

Among the deceased were Martin Richard, who was the youngest to die at 8 and a 23-year-old Chinese student named Lingzi Lu. Later after the bombing took place the brothers fled the area and 3 days later Tamerlane Tsarnaev got into a firefight by the police where he killed the police only to be run over by his younger brother Dzhokhar.

Later, Dzhokhar went into hiding, but he was discovered by in a Watertown in Massachusetts and convicted of his crime.

Recently, Dzhokhar who was given a death sentence saw his lawyers appealing to the appellate court to cancel his conviction. According to the Tsarnaev’s lawyers, the case against Dzhokhar was biased.  The court and the jury who already had an account of the incident blamed Dzhokhar as a direct culprit when in reality it was his brother who was the mastermind behind the crimes.

The jury further was swayed by the media who made Dzhokhar look like the real culprit and this had indeed made certain members of the Jury biased. Now, acknowledging that their client was indeed guilty of placing the bomb directly in front of the marathon, he no doubts needed jailing. However, giving him a death sentence without the option of a proper appeal was indeed uncalled for.

However, the jury nevertheless provided evidence of 17 more unnamed crimes apart from the bombing which directly points a finger at Dzhokar. Hence summing them up, the man now deserves the death sentence given upon him.

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