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Kushner: Trump wants a fair deal for Palestinians

Donald Trump, the US president’s adviser, and father-in-law, Jared Kushner, wants to make a fair deal for the Palestinians and says the White House is on the eve of launching a $ 50 billion “welfare peace” plan in Bahrain.

Kushner said the Palestinians missed the opportunity to boycott the Bahrain conference and join the Middle East peace process. “This is a powerful bundle. I think it’s a strategic mistake to fight it instead of embrace it.

“The plan provides a global investment fund for Palestine and neighboring Arab countries and a $ 5 billion transport corridor between the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinian leaders refused, but Kushner said his criticism was “more emotional than specific.”No one rejected our basic premise that this would do a lot to boost the economy,” he said. “The Palestinian people have long been stranded in a situation and we want to show them that there is a very exciting way to lead them and their leadership.

”Kushner said that Trump’s decisions, such as recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv, are proof that the president keeps his promises.“The Palestinians may not like the Jerusalem decision, but they made a promise and made it,” he said. What he wanted now was to provide a just solution to the Palestinian people. Kushner said the plan would double GDP in 10 years, create over a million jobs, reduce poverty by 50 percent, and increase unemployment to less than 10 percent.

We believe this is possible, ”he said. “It’s hard, but we think that if there is a peace agreement and we build the right structure, it can really lead to a significant improvement in people’s lives.

I think there is a lot of enthusiasm to see if we can find a political solution in the West Bank and Gaza. ”The political element of the White House plan was postponed due to uncertainty in Israel; elections will be held before a stable coalition cannot be produced in the previous vote this year, and
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could face corruption charges.

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