Kenya, U.S. to Mark 20 Years since the Deadly Al-Qaeda’s First Attack

The U.S. ambassador to Kenya, Bob Godec joined a ceremony in Nairobi, in order to observe 20 years since the disastrous US embassy truck bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. The destructive bombing at the US embassies not only brought forth Al-Qaeda on the global stage, it also killed around 258 people and injured around 5000 people. The destruction also marked the start of a global campaign of bloodshed and brutality.

On 7th August, around 200 Kenyans and Americans, including survivors of the deadly attack assembled at the Memorial Park in Nairobi, in order to pay respect and recalling the victims. On 7th August 1988, the first massive blast jostled the US embassy in downtown Nairobi. It was immediately followed by another blast in Dar-es-Salaam. Two huge bombs were loaded on the back of truck left a stream of bloodshed in East Africa and the whole world got introduced to Al-Qaeda.

One person whose son got killed in the blast commented that people might be able to forgive the wrongdoers, but they can’t forget the entire incident. They hope the terrorist group changes their mindset. Apart from reading out the name of the victims loudly, candles were lit.

As a result of the blast, 12 Americans were killed and several thousand people were injured. The attack was claimed to be the first biggest attack by Al-Qaeda in a campaign started by the Islamist militants. Three years after, the group again carried out a blatant attack, by flying passenger planes into the Pentagon and New York’s World Trade Center which killed around 3,000 people.

Godec stated that the terrorists wanted to divide Americans and Kenyans. However, they failed in their attempt. Kenya’s director of counter-terrorism, Martin Kimani commented that terrorism remains a threat but Kenya has taken great measures to prepare for any actions. For this, they are cooperating with their friends.

Kenyan troops are in constant battle with neighboring Somalia against al-Shabaab. An African Union peacekeeping force has been stationed there for more than a decade.


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