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In Kenya, Somalia’s Al Shabab Attacks

Somali armed group al Shabaab stated to have made an attack on a police station near Mandera, a town close to Kenyan border along Somalia.

The attack triggered heavy fighting between Al Shabaab and then Kenyan police forces as heavy weaponries could be heard through Mandera town.

The al Qaeda linked group states that its fighters had overrun police station in Kenya after an attack.

The group also said to have briefly confiscated the station.

A Kenyan soldier was reportedly killed in the ambush attack.

Kenyan police remain not available to comment on the latest attack carried out by Al Shabaab.

Al-Shabab is an armed group based in Somalia, fighting to topple the Western-backed Somali government.

The group also really wants to enforce a stern method of Islamic law in Somalia.

The al Qaeda linked group has carried out many attacks in neighboring countries, including Kenya since Nairobi launched a military operation inside Somalia in 2011.

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