Jihadists of Syria Accept the Signal of Idlib Deal

The main jihadist group of Syria has signaled that it would abide by all the terms which have been mentioned in the deal between Russia and Turkey for preventing the government which has held for Idlib for revealing one day before the critical deadline. A jihadist alliance led by former Syrian affiliate of Al Qaeda, Tahrir al-Sham, who was known as Nusra Front previously, said that it had adopted the stance after a time was taken for the consultation. It was not mentioned explicitly that it will abide by the deal, although, but it said that it appreciated the efforts taken for protecting the area referring apparently to Turkey.

Tahir also said in his statement that they value the efforts which have been taken for all those who are striving aboard and at home for the protection of the liberated areas. It is also for the prevention of the invasion of the group and the perpetration of the massacres which are involved in it. At the same time, he also warned against the deception of the occupier of Russia or for having faith in the intention of the group. It was also mentioned by the group that they will not forget the foreign fighters who came to assist them in the invasion.

An alliance of groups who are also aligned by Turkey is known as the National Liberation Front. It is also another main rebel faction of the Idlib and they have expressed that they support the agreement which has been made. The deal sets up an area which is demilitarized zone is running almost 15 to 20 KM deep into the rebel territory which has been instructed to evacuate including all jihadist groups and heavy weapons. According to the agreement, the troops of Russia and turkey will ultimately patrol the particular zone.


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