Israeli PM Sends Warning to Iran on Eve of Holocaust Remembrance

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, issued a warning to Iran not to test his nation’s resolve. He stated that Israel will respond with ‘steadfastness’ to the ‘aggression’ of Iran. These words were spoken when Benjamin Netanyahu was giving a speech on the evening of Holocaust Remembrance Day at a state ceremony.

Netanyahu’s warning came after Iran issued a threat to retaliate for a recent airstrike in Syria. That airstrike has been attributed by many to Israel. Apart from Iran, Syria, Russia and the United States have all accused Israel of launching the missile barrage in central Syria on the T-4 Air Base, killing 14.

Israeli officials have refused to make any comments on the strike. According to Hebrew media reports, the target of the strike was a base belonging to Iran. They also stated that a weapons system was destroyed in the attack.

During his speech, Benjamin Netanyahu stated that recent events taught Israelis to stand up to aggression and evil and that is the mission for every generation.

Israel has often expressed its concerns about the presence of Iran in Syria. It is afraid that the presence of Iran will lead to establishment of forces hostile to Israel in the long run, a major concern since Syria is a neighboring country of Israel.

Israeli officials are not taking lightly the threat of an attack by Iran or Hezbollah, its proxy terrorist group. Israeli forces are on high alert.


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