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Israel Strikes against the Iranian Forces in Syria
Israel Strikes against the Iranian Forces in Syria

Israel Strikes against the Iranian Forces in Syria

Early on Monday, Israel hit Syria as a part of its latest bombardment in its more open attack, regardless of Iran’s presence. The hour-long explosions resulted in shaking the night sky over Damascus. It also marked the second consecutive night of military action.
Damascus did not specify the extent of damage or casualties that the strikes might have resulted in. However, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor mentioned that 11 people were killed due to the assault. Syria’s ally Russia mentioned that four Syrian soldiers died and six were injured because of the assault.
The threat of direct confrontation between arch-enemies Israel and Iran has long boiled in Syria; with the Iranian military has developed its presence in the eight years of the civil war in order to aid President Bashar al-Assad’s confrontation with Sunni Muslim rebels looking to overthrow him.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the air assault had mostly directed towards Iranian forces, but also attacked the Syrians who are assisting the Iranians. He added that they would attack anyone who would try to harm them.
Israel, who considers Iran as its biggest threat, has, again and again, attacked Iranian targets in Syria and those of allied soldiers, which includes Lebanon’s Hezbollah.
With an election upcoming and with the US pledging more steps on Iran, Israel’s government has started to discuss the strikes more blatantly instead of remaining quiet. It has also decided to take a tougher stand towards Hezbollah on the border with Lebanon. Israel stated that a rocket assault that took place on Sunday was the work of Iran.
The shift of Israel comes a month after U.S. President Donald Trump unexpectedly announced a sudden plan to withdraw the 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria, a move long wanted or desired by Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies. Trump’s opinion shocked the American allies in the region and was resisted by top U.S. officials, which includes Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.
The Israeli military said its fighter jets had carried out attacks against Iranian “Quds Force” targets early on Monday, which includes munition stores. The jets then aimed at Syrian defence batteries after coming under fire.
Syria stated that it was Israel that had started the assault and its air defences had answered the attack. Syria had gone through intense assault through ensuing waves of guided missiles”, but had demolished most aggressive targets.

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