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Israel Prepares for War with Iran in Syria Claimed by US Officials

The officials of the United States had accused Israel for attacking the military base in Hamas and Aleppo. The air strike had claimed the lives of twenty militants and Iranians. It is estimated that Israel is preparing for a military encounter with Iran in Syria and is taking the help of the United States.

The senior US official had stated that the chances of a war starting between Israel and Iran in Syria is quite high and tops the list of hostilities across the globe. He had also blamed Israel for attacking the military bases in Syria. The Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman had claimed that he had nothing to speak about the airstrikes because he does not read foreign publications.

Israel will not be able to ignore the threats made by Iran because Israel is threatened to be wiped away by Iran and Liberman has claimed to give in his best efforts. He stated that if Iran is trying to hurt others then they would have an answer for that. He also stated that the major problem which Israel was facing was Iran.

He said that there were many countries which had supported the Munich and Molotov-Ribbentrop agreements but they are ignoring the reality of Iran at present which is having a negative implication on Yemen, Iraq and the entire Middle East. Iran persecutes democratic values, persecutes freedom to express opinions and minorities.

The country had also signed an agreement in order to enjoy economic benefits, conceals nuclear weapons and the entire world chooses to ignore. On being asked whether Israel was planning to go into war with Iran, he stated that no such decision had been taken but Iran was changing the rules of the region.       

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