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Israel Medical Staff Find Ways To Inspire COVID-19 Patients
Israel doctors find a new way to connect Covid19 infected Patients

Israel Medical Staff Find Ways To Inspire COVID-19 Patients

In order for patients who are infected with COVID-19 don’t feel they are being treated by robotic doctors and nurses, a pandemic dedicated hospital in Israel has found a simple way to bring back the sense of compassion.

By sticking their own pictures over their protective gears, doctors and nurses are ensuring that the patients don’t feel anxious and uncared for. At the Sharon Hospital in Petah Tikva, this thoughtful gesture has set precedence and is now being used in other hospitals worldwide.

The hospital, which is part of the Rabin Medical Center along with the Beilinson Hospital, has become Israel’s only “coronavirus hospital.” It is totally dedicated to treating COVID-19 patients after being converted into a 200-bed facility in March. Having photos put on their protective gear has actually brought back a semblance of some kind of human intervention. It is also helping in communication within the hospital amongst staff as crucial decisions to be taken become smooth, once you know who you are speaking to.

Similar pictures can now be seen on social media accounts bringing in a sense of comfort and warmth amongst not only medical staff but patients too. It has been noted that medical staff worldwide is working round the clock. In some countries, medical staff is not getting protective gear to prevent them from contracting the deadly infection for which a vaccine is still on testing stages and has not to be made available for public use.

Many are of the opinion that the US should also adopt such measures which have been the worst hit by the pandemic after China and Italy. While China has started resuming normal life, the rest of the world will take time, until the curve flattens enough.

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