Israel and Iran Minimize Prospects of a War

Israel and Iran are now minimizing the prospects of going to war. However, over the last few weeks, both countries have been trading blame for an increase in hostilities between the forces of the two nations over Syria.

In fact, there been a possibility of a war breaking out between the two nations since February. In February, Israel alleged that an Iranian drone had entered Israeli airspace and was armed. The country had to destroy the drone.

In early April, an air strike led to the deaths of 7 Iranian Revolutionary Guards stationed in a Syrian base. Iran claimed that Israel was responsible for the air strike and pledged unspecified retaliation. This caused Israel to issue counter-threats to increase attacks on the military assets of Iran in Syria.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of Iran, has stated that Israeli military activities in Syria can have consequences. However, he also stated that major escalation between the two countries is not a likely possibility.

Iran, Russia and the Hezbollah militia of Lebanon are working together to reinforce Damascus against the rebels. Israel worries that the garrison from Iran will stay back and link up with Hezbollah to create a bigger Syrian-Lebanese group against them.

Avigdor Lieberman, the Defense Minister of Israel, has stated that his government does not want Iranian entrenchment to take place in Syria. However, he too stated that he believes that war with Iran was not imminent. He stated that the primary role of Israel is to prevent a war.


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