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Israel and Hamas say they decided to cease after arson attacks

On Thursday night, Israel and Hamas were reportedly fired by the Ghazals during the day, firing waves of incendiary fire to Israel in southern Israel.

Israel has agreed to send diesel oil to the Gaza power plant, expand its fishing zone by 15 nautical miles and return to Gaza 60 fishing boats seized by the Israeli Defense Forces, according to a report issued by Sawa shortly after midnight. Hamas agreed to stop the cross-border launch of balloon-induced provocative devices and to rein in weekly border protests.

The report said the UN and Egyptian officials have mediated a cease-fire that will take effect Friday morning. During the meeting, the Israeli authorities did not receive any approval or comment.

Fire and Rescue Services and local authorities said at least 30 fires broke out in southern Israel on Thursday, including 17 large flames that researchers confirmed were firing with arson balloons. The arson attacks on Thursday led to the largest number of Gazan balloons launched in a single day since the Palestinians began launching airborne fire suppression devices a year ago.

Since the market, according to local fire department figures, about100 fires have been fired by balloon-based arson devices.No injuries have been reported in most agricultural areas and burning hearths in pastures, but significant damage has occurred to crops and wild animals. Within Israel, Shaar Hanegev, Sdot Negev, and Eshkol regions reported a fire.

Arson attacks have increased dramatically last week, with Gaza-led Hamas terrorist groups launching condoms carrying hundreds of helium-inflated balloons and launchers, and in some cases, explosives came to Israel across the border.

In general, flammable devices consist of a burning sack or other fuel-wetted fabric connected to one or more flasks. Larger clusters of balloons carrying model aircraft and small bombs were launched
towards Israel. Eastern winds coming from the Mediterranean Sea push the balloons towards Israel.

In response to attacks that violated an unofficial cease-fire agreement between Israel and the terrorist groups on the Strip, Israel stopped the flow of gasoline and diesel fuel to the Gaza StripTuesday, a move criticized by human rights defenders, who condemned it as collective punishment.

Restrictions on the fishing zone have also been criticized for punishing fishermen who are not connected to air strikes. Last week, Israel closed the fishing zone for a few days and then extended it to 10 nautical miles.

Stopping fuel shipments caused the work to change in Israel. Over the past few weeks, the government has used various restrictions on the size of the Strip’s fishing zone as a primary method of retaliation for arson attacks. On Wednesday, a Gaza official said Gaza’s decision to suspend fuel shipments connected to a single power plant significantly increased the current blackouts in the coastal area.

On Tuesday, a senior Hamas member warned Israel that its policies towards Gaza jeopardize unofficial ceasefire between the parties.

Earlier this month, a significant increase was seen between the two sides, including two-night rocket attacks and retaliatory Israeli air force attacks. Hamas, an Islamist terrorist group that swore to the destruction of Israel, took Gaza under control because it tricked Gaza into a bloody coup in 2007.

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