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Israel Emergency Government Does Not Look Interested In Tackling Corona Virus Pandemic

Israel Emergency Government Does Not Look Interested In Tackling Corona Virus Pandemic

Israel is not interested in restructuring itself to fight the corona virus devil. Instead, the focus is to suit Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership to remain intact, as a new government went into formation after a lull of literally 18 months. Political analysts believe that the betterment of the nation is not on agenda as the health minister’s position seemed to have been filled in a rush, without putting any careful thought it the crucial position.

Benny Gantz has joined hands with Netanyahu for a coalition government to be formed. The agreement comes after Gantz has been vehemently opposing Netanyahu’s dictatorship and was standing against him. But both have agreed to a national emergency government to fight a common enemy- the corona virus pandemic that is still awaiting control via a reliable vaccine. Various countries (including Israel) are in the midst of coming up with a vaccine but most have not met successful human trials.

The recent announcement by both leaders of independent Israeli parties includes a timeline for potential annexation of parts of the West Bank over the summer. This agreement (at the moment) appears to bring to an end to more than a year of political deadlock during which Israel held three general elections. Netanyahu is still to be tried under corruption charges but can be asked to be pardoned, if he continues to hold office in the country.

Gantz’s party Kahol Lavan seems to have become a silent spectator as key positions have been taken over by Netayahu’s party recommendations. The ideal and suited candidature of Professor Yitzhak Kreis, the director of Tel Hashomer Hospital seems to have into background as the weary politico Yuli Edelstein was given the portfolio to handle.

The crises needs strategic handling and good leadership, something the former speaker of the Knesset may not be equipped to handle. It is strange that the speaker who has held this position since 2013, chose to resign in March and was handed over the health portfolio. His resignation has been contested in High Court as an irresponsible action taken, without running a vote for a successor. Politics takes precedence in Israel.

The health and protection of civilians is now in the hands of Yuli Edelstein. Having held in labour camps in the 1980s by Soviet authorities for his Jewish activities, he might just fit the bill, to be able to understand the suffering of the common man, at the hands of an medical emergency facing Israel, as much as the whole world.

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