Israel Have Declared To Demolish the Hezbollah Tunnels

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that on the country’s northern border, Hezbollah is digging a tunnel. He said that the administration is taking adequate steps to destroy the tunnel as soon as possible.
Though the announcement was well appreciated by the citizens of the country, the timing of the announcement is raising the eyebrows of many critics. Currently, the prime minister is facing serious charges of corruption. It has been reported that the announcement is just a ploy of the prime minister to remove the focus from him.
The military officials have said that they have discovered one tunnel which was dug by the Lebanese militant group. It was reported that the tunnel has started from a house in Lebanon and stretched up to 40 yards inside the Israeli territory.
The prime minister has accused Lebanon of the activity. He also said that the tunnel has been dug to murder the innocent Israeli citizens. He blamed Lebanon of violating the United Nation’s Security Council Resolution 1701. He also accused that Iran is supporting the militant group with money and artillery and requested the UN to condemn the action of the group and the country. Israel is well prepared to shield itself against the aggression of Iran, warned the Prime Minister.
On the other hand, Lebanon has accused Israel of breaching the countries airspace regularly. This act also violates the Security Council’s resolution, the Lebanese government pointed out.
Thwarting the Iranian hegemony also falls under the foreign policy of Trump’s United States government. The National Security Adviser of the government John Bolton said that the government is supporting Israel’s efforts. The government has also called on Iran to stop the regional aggression.
The people who are living in the northern part of Israel have been taken aback by this sudden announcement. It has been reported that the digging of the tunnel has been going on for quite a time. The citizens informed the military about it a long time ago. They are asking that why the steps are being taken so late and that too in such manner.

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