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Israel conducts ballistic missile tests with a 400 km range amid tensions with Iran

Israel conducts ballistic missile tests with a 400 km range amid tensions with Iran

On June 2, the Israeli Aerospace Industry (IAI) announced it successfully tested a new type of ballistic missile with a range of 400 km. The IAI said in a statement that it had carried out two tests at sea, with the weapons hitting targets at 90 and 400 km respectively, emphasizing that the missiles hit the targets with the highest precision.Israel’s announcement comes in a climate of growing tension with Iran and Hezbollahin neighboring Lebanon.

“In both scenarios, the missiles were launched in the direction of its trajectory, made its course and struck the target with the greatest precision. The launch system and the missiles accomplished the objectives of these tests, with a margin of error of less than ten meters.” The IAIaffirmed, thanking the army for its support for these tests.In the aftermath, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed these tests. “Amid the war against the coronavirus, we continue to provide security for Israel, offensively and defensively,” he said.

These tests take place in a regional context of tensions with Iran. The Israeli air force is suspected of having carried out more deadly strikes in recent weeks against pro-Iranian elements in neighboring Syria, backed by Tehran.Netanyahu is also pushing for the maintenance of the embargo on arms sales to Iran which must be lifted gradually from October. Also, Israel is closely monitoring the development of the political, economic, and social crisis in Lebanon and fears that the international community will come to the aid of the Cedar country without seeking to diminish the influence of its enemy, the Shiite Hezbollah movement.

There is proxy war between Israel and Iran. The conflict is bound in the political struggle of Iranian leadership against Israel and its declared aim to dissolve the Jewish state, with the counter aim of Israel to prevent nuclear weapons being acquired by the Iranian government and downgrading its allies and proxies such as the Lebanese Hezbollah political-militant organization.

Iran has provided significant support to Hezbollah, Hamas, and PIJ, whereas Israel has supported the People’s Mujahedin of Iran and has conducted assassinations and attacks against Iranian regime targets directly. The Jewish State has also conducted cyber warfare against the Islamic Republic, and has publicly advocated for international military action its enemy. Israel has accused Iran of attempting to form a continuous land transport route from Iran via Iraq and Syria to Lebanon, which Israel views as a significant strategic threat.Iran, in the other side, views Israel as an illegitimate “Zionist regime” and its leadership has accused Israel of being an American client state hostile to Muslims and Arab countries.

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