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Israel Claims to have Attacked Iran’s Military Infrastructure in Syria

Israel claims that it had attacked all military infrastructures which belonged to Iran in Syria. This statement had been made by Israel after rockets were fired at the Israel-held territory by the Iranian forces. It was considered to be the heaviest barrage in Syria ever since the start of the war in 2011 where all the Iranians, llied Shi’ite Muslim militias and the Russian troops had aided the Syrian President.

The Syrian Army Command had announced that the Israel attack had claimed the lives of three people and had left two people severely injured. On the other hand a Britain-based war monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had stated that at least 23 soldiers had lost their lives in the attack. The deceased included Syrians and non-Syrians. A regional flare-up is being expected and Israel is giving constant warnings that it would prevent any kind of Iranian military entrenchment in Syria.

The announcement made by the U.S President had further heightened the tensions and his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal might have adverse effects. The deal was signed in 2015 in order to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. After the snapping of the deal, Iran would be free to develop nuclear weapons.

Trump had claimed that the Iran nuclear deal was rejected as a response to the military inventions which had been done by Iran in the Middle East. The Defense Minister of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman had stated that the Iranian rockets had failed to reach their target, their military bases were occupied or were intercepted.

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