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Israel Aggravates Gaza Violence

According to analysts, the 48-hour military exchange between Israel and the Gaza Strip-based armed factions experienced a deep diplomatic division between Israel and the Turkish government.

During the confrontation, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired 700 rockets into Israel, shooting about 320 targets in the Palestinian settlement.

In particular, one of the buildings hit was the local office of the Turkish media at the Anatolian exit. According to a news agency reporter, Israeli forces destroyed the building with at least five missiles.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry, on Gaza “indiscriminate” attacks and the attack on the office of the news agency also issued a statement condemning the violence.

We call on the international community to ensure and increase the tension in the region due to disproportionate Israeli actions, he said.

Moreover, Turkey’s presidential primary target of the strongly condemned the Palestinian leadership to this movement “initiative to raise the witnesses on the ground preparing for the Israeli massacre in Gaza” as described.

A Hamas spokesman for Gaza, Abdul Lateef Qano, claimed that the goal of civilian installations in the Media Council was to show Israel’s atrocity. Gaza’s managers “supporting the Palestinian cause and to support any party that tells the story of the world,” said Hamas that good relations with Turkey.

The Qano also provides a safe region where Turkey that the activities of the Hamas leader stressed.

“Turkey is using religion to achieve political objectives [Hamas offset] supports the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.

The relations between Israel and Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the Brotherhood partly due to the support given to organizations and political beliefs took a very rare because of the state for the benefit of Islam.

Turkey expert at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security Dr. Hay Eytan Cohen Yanarocak, in his statement to the Media Line, said that many countries’ support for Israel’s destruction as a terrorist group has contributed to the deterioration of bilateral relations over the past decade.

At the end of the day, if you support Hamas, your relationship with Israel will be problematic, “he said.

Indeed, in the Israeli-Turkish relations, the crisis follows the crisis of the 2010 Mavi Marmara section, where Israeli states killed 10 Turks in clashes on a ship trying to violate the maritime blockade in Gaza.

However, Yanarocak believes that the incident in Anatolia will not increase, as it had previously reported that Jerusalem would not cause any casualties due to the prior notification before it hit the building.

Hani El Masri, a Palestinian political analyst, told The Media Line that Israel’s attack on Gaza-based media is not a new phenomenon.

”The Israeli army targeted Palestinian TV, Ma venecs news agency, as well as journalists and camera people,“ he said.

El Masri said, “Recently Israel has completely destroyed the Al-Aqsa TV of Hamas.”

He stressed, however, that Ankara opened up open channels of communication with many countries, including Israel.

El Masri, “Turkish [foreign] relations are based more on the interests of the country,” he said.

Yanarocak, in the estimation of the Israel-Turkey relations “without form” it is associated with the US-Turkey relations.

“Turkey  [Washington] sees it as an extension. They would have improved relations with Israel if they wanted to build better relations with the United States.

– Erman Calis

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