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The ISIS Threat isn’t Dying and Terror Attacks Expected in 2019
The ISIS Threat isn’t Dying and Terror Attacks Expected in 2019

The ISIS Threat isn’t Dying and Terror Attacks Expected in 2019

Today, the US has to some extent recaptured territories of the ISIS and driven most of them into hiding. However, research states that with the US currently withdrawing its troops from Syria, the ISIS and other terror groups will slowly decentralize and rise again.
Considering current facts, these mutant groups are currently residing in established clandestine structures and are growing in numbers in hideouts in Iran and Syria.

Presently, these groups are broadcasting their ideologies in cyberspace and attracting more followers to join hands with their corrupt forces. Now, numerous groups, cells, and individuals have pleaded to the IS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdad and are currently initiating plans to conduct attacks and radicalize Muslims.
Now, with the Pentagon and other forces at work, numerous IS leaders are likely to be captured in 2019, but that doesn’t mean the threat will stop. In fact, under new leadership, these Al Qaeda and ISIS troops are likely to operate in the shadows and become more agile. Now, with the ISIS mostly out of Syria and scattered, the troops as reported are growing more powerful outside the Islamic Caliphate.
Currently, as per the reports of the worldwide Counter-terrorism databases, today there are almost 40,000 IS characters active in nearly 102 global countries. Most of them are, however, operating in Asia, Africa, Middle East, North America, and Europe respectively. Now, in the year 2019, most of the terror attacks are speculated to be carried out in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa correspondingly.
Moreover, as most of the IS radical fighters dispersed form Iran and Syria, these fighters are setting up their grounds in Afghanistan. This is slowly spreading to Af-Pak region and hence, the ISIS is currently emerging as a threat to the Afghan government, the Taliban and the Pakistani government. Now, the threats will also likely move to Pakistan held Kashmir and attacks on Kashmir will likely continue in 2019.
Therefore, right now, with the world facing major threats from the ISIS, proper counter-terrorism steps need to be activated quickly to prevent severe structural and cultural damage as a result of terrorism.

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