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ISIS: successor of al-Baghdadi captured in Syria

ISIS: successor of al-Baghdadi captured in Syria

Al Baghdadi’s successor to ISIS, Abdullah al-Qardash, has been reportedly captured in Syria. The new “Caliph” was identified and caught thanks to a joint incursion by the US-led international coalition Operation Inherent Resolve and by Kurdish-Arab fighters gathered in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).Last week, the spokesman for the Washington-led coalition announced the capture of a middle-level fighter.

NGOs, Kurdish and Syrian media confirmed the intercepted man is exactly al-Qardash.The raid to capture al-Baghdadi’s successor, killed last October 19, took place in Deir el-Zor, in eastern Syria.

According to the Observatory for Human Rights, Qardash, originally from Iraq, was caught by parachutists. Abdullah Qardash, leader of ISIS following Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, was discovered in al Zer villageby soldiers coming from the sky. The Observatory said, adding that the troops worked for hours in one of the most important Coalition actions in the region for the number of participants, aircraft, and duration.

A group of SDF fighters raided the Saad bin Waqqas mosque in al Zer, warning the residents with a megaphone to not leave their homes. Then the Coalition paratroopers descended on two houses from the sky. One was the residence of a refugee in the locality of al Bobil, the second of a trader in the nearby town of Baqras, where they captured the person, indicated by the sources of the Observatory as the successor of al Baghdadi.

The operation has seen a large deployment of forces, including five helicopters and hundreds of men. The massive team that acted overnight indicates that the arrested is out of the ordinary.

On Twitter, the Operation Inherent Resolve’ spokesman only said that, in Deir el-Zor, a medium-level fighter was intercepted, while representatives of the Kurdish anti-Isis militias added that the individual arrested was immediately transferred for interrogations.

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