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Is Libyan Unity Really On The Minds Of Turkey-Russia Politics?

Is Libyan Unity Really On The Minds Of Turkey-Russia Politics?

Russian backed Haftar forces have finally retreated from Tripoli, the last area of battle for them. It has been a long 18months of face-off in which the self proclaimed military styled Khalifa Haftar has been defeated.

Turkey seems to have had a win of a kind as its backing to the Tripoli government has finally been able to end the civil war in Libya. Despite repeated requests and firm words from the United Nations, the warring factions had continued to supply arms and ammunition to fuel the war conditions in Libya.

Whether Tripoli took control on Haftar forces just decided to retreat is a question to answer for others; but the latter seems to be more predominant. The decision could have stemmed from the repeated onslaught of the corona virus pandemic on the ailing and destitute population. The virus could be affecting the rebel groups as well and with Libya having meager to non-existent medical care facilities, the risk of losing lives to an unknown enemy seemed to have affected the warring factions on both sides.

On the face of it, the outside powers are in agreement and show a face of peace. But in truth, this might be an eye wash. Most of them have forwarded their own political agendas by supplying military know how to the warring factions for years together.

According to James Stavridis, former supreme allied commander of NATO, there were other reasons for the internal strife which became an opportunity for countries to come and interfere. The main reason was “the ancient animosities inside the country that are largely tribal at heart, and rooted in resentments between the relatively wealthier west and the oil-poor east and south.”

Before the dictator was Moammar Gadhafi overthrown, the country was producing oil to the extent of 1.6million barrels a day. It has Africa’s largest oil reserves. But today production has reduced to nil.
Blame it on war and a diminishing economy which has robbed the country of any kind of livelihood. Desire for ownership over the oil reserves has been one hidden agenda that has got countries like Russia, Turkey, UAE and France involved into the civil war. While UAE and France might have other agendas on mind, the involvement only fueled the war to an extent that nothing really is left of the once a oil rich piece of land.

Whether peace and prosperity is really on the minds of the warring factions, only time will tell.

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