Iraq Will Take up Bigger Roles in Fighting Islamic States Militants in Syria

Iraqi Prime Minister has indicated that after withdrawal of the US troops, Iraq will take up greater roles in fighting the Islamic States militants.

Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Prime Minister of Iraq, said that diplomats have already met the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad regarding this matter. He indicated that the meeting was not just about the consequences of US troop withdrawal. Instead, the Iraqi delegation is trying to squelch any advantages that the militants can gain due to this sudden withdrawal.

As per the Iraqi Premiere, Iraq shares a long boundary with Syria. Thus, increased IS activities can impact the Iraqi national Security. Through this meeting, the diplomats of the country want to establish a new arrangement with Syria which goes beyond the current arrangements. Abdul Mahdi has previously said that about 2000 IS militants are staying near the Syrian border and trying to enter into Iraq.

Currently, Iran backed Iraqi Shiite Muslim Paramilitary operates inside the Syrian border to fight the Sunni IS militants off. Iraq has also launched missiles to destroy the bases of IS throughout Syria.

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