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What is Iran’s problem with Europe?


Trump constantly warns our European allies for their cooperation with the Iranian regime. So, recent developments between Tehran and Brussels should be perceived as a pleasant surprise, although they have little to do with US policy.

As in Washington, Europe does not show signs of abandoning dialogue with the Islamic Republic, but tensions are increasing. However, Europe imposed an economic sanction on Iran and used it as a tool in Iran’s misconduct. This is something that the US policy has not achieved until now.

Europe cooperates with Tehran on nuclear agreements and helps Iranians avoid US sanctions. Nevertheless, the relationship between Iran and Europe is very high – and it is worth noting that Iranian leaders seem anxious.

Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday that Iran complained about delays in implementing a US$ non-trading mechanism to reduce US sanctions.

The European Union remains committed to the nuclear agreement. Meanwhile, Iranian officials are uncomfortable with the inadequacy of Europe’s help in managing the economic relief expected from the nuclear deal.

There would be no nuclear agreement without the participation of Europe. Moreover, it can be said that the separation of the continent will eliminate all incentives to continue to adhere to restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activities.

The fact is that Tehran needs Europe – to money and cooperation – for legitimacy and longevity. This has made Iran’s transitions in European territory more frustrating with Brussels.

Iran has recently been appointed as ambassador to France as a spokesperson for a former foreign ministry – a sign that Tehran hopes to use it to counterbalance an understanding that has abandoned its control machine.

Iran claims that the exiled opposition group, Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), planned an ambassador of Austria to be held by an Iranian diplomat and that it was not in line with the false and alleged false flag operation.

However, despite the idea that those who plan the attack may be using the heart of the West to fight the ranks of the opposite sides of Iranian politics, they should be concerned about the free world.

Swedish law enforcement officers recently arrested an Iraqi journalist for suspected spying on Arab separatists in Stockholm for Tehran. According to Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok, the leader of the same group was killed in the Netherlands by assassins hired by the Iranian regime in late 2017.

Meanwhile, internal forces in Iran do little to change the perceptions of their bandits, continuing to regularly arrest foreign nationals.

In Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s high-profile case, he took extraordinary measures to secure bilateral national diplomatic protections by prioritizing the young mother’s three-year prison sentence for false national security offenses.

Hunt also points to the support of Iranian officials to publisher employees and the BBC’s Iranian employees, whose complaints have been filed with Iranian families for years of systematic harassment that are under threat, arrested and blocked.

Both England and E.U. are expanding their sanctions against human rights violations ranging from Iran’s arrest of journalists and civil rights activists, excessive penalties, unjust imprisonment, and technology used to suppress Iranian society.

In the West, there is a growing consensus on the need of Iranian regime officials and their families to avoid traveling and their financial situation, a move that the US and its European allies have never discussed.

If the Trump administration is serious about ending Tehranians malicious activity, if it needs to work with our allies to develop a realistic plan. A multinational approach is the best way to get Iran to line up, but only Europe and the United States benefit from the same way.

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