Iran’s Missile Attack, Preventing Peace in Yemen

The United States said that, the continuous missile attacks on Saudi Arabia by the Houthis, is preventing the chances of a political resolution in the war at Yemen. The Houthis attacked one more time on Saturday. The White House said that the attacks question the commitments of the Houthis to bring peace. To this the White House added, the attacks demonstrate the policies of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps which is still disrupting the political process and escalating the hostilities.

Col Turki Al Malki, spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition said, the missile attack on Saturday, the Houthis targeted the city of Najran. One expatriate who has an Indian was wounded lightly in the attack. A news agency which is led by the Houthis said that, the missile was targeted at the Saudi National Guard base.

Last Sunday, the Saudi forces intercepted the 7 missiles that were targeted towards the city of Riyadh. The attacked killed one. Another missile attack was done on the city of Jazan. A forensic examination done on Sunday said that, reports were out that the missiles had been supplied by Iran.

But Iran denies such allegations of supporting the Houthis and asked for a separate investigation from UN. On Wednesday, the UN Security Council condemned the rebels on launching missiles in Saudi Arabia. The UN said that, this is a serious threat to regional security.

The members of the Security Council expressed the alarming fact that the Houthis may continue to attack Saudi Arabia. To this, the Houthis might plan up for additional activities in the other regions too. The Council wanted a reach to a political settlement through talks that would put an end to the war in Yemen which is going on for the last four years.


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