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Iran’s Human Rights Council pressures the UK on climate demonstrators

The Iranian Judiciary Human Rights Council said on Tuesday that the treatment of climate activists by the police in the London capital is very alarming, stating that the UK authorities should respect international rules on the protection of civil rights.

He also called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to observe the missions and duties it has declared and to examine the so-called m open human rights violation.

Since the beginning of last week, more than 1,000 people have been arrested and more than 50 people have been formally charged for participating in protests in the British capital.

Protesters want a tough change in UK government policies, saying they will not leave the streets without fulfilling demands on the environment.

Activists insist that the government and parliament adopt a specific law to ensure that UK greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to a net zero by 2025.

After a week of protests, the police announced on Monday that they would not be able to tolerate the disruption of public transport in some parts of London.

Top government officials and notable figures tried to underestimate the action, using disdainful explanations about the demonstrators.

The protests came from the UK government’s allegation that US President Donald Trump was disrespecting international conventions on the environment.

The government has often ignored calls for canceling off oil rupture operations in a region near Preston, North England, where activists repeatedly collided with a large international energy company police and employees.

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