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Iran’s Best Defense against Trump is Outside the Borders

Surrounded by the general of both sides, President Hassan Rouhani watched as the Iranian soldiers, Iranian troops carrying huge Iran martyrs ”portraits in Tehran, warplanes blowing up, and military trucks jumped over huge missiles. Nevertheless, Army Day, an annual demonstration of military strength and endurance against years of sanctions and embargoes, was rarely marked by the theocratic regime under such intense pressure.

President Donald Trump was redefined in a dispute that could trigger the next conflict of the Middle East one year after the United States unilaterally removed the US from its 2015 nuclear agreement with the US forces in 2015.

These concerns were intensified last week due to the deployment of the US aircraft carrier strike group and the lack of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Iraq. Pompeo warned that the regime in Tehran “has increased its activities” without giving any details. Rouhani said that within a few hours, Iran would no longer comply with some of its nuclear deal commitments and that the Islamic republic would insist on maintaining its diplomatic efforts with a “new language and logic.”

Iran and the US are not heading for war, he said of a regime in Tehran, but then we can witness some conflicts that would lead to negotiations rather than a full war.

Such conflicts are more likely to include regional proxies. The military parade on 19 April came only days after the US president set the Islamic Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization and escalated against the Islamic republic. The IRGC, with its overseas wing, the Quds Force, is at the forefront of Tehran’s support for militias and protests from Syria and Iraq in the Middle East.

And this factor – Iran’s muscular regional power – goes to the essence of the accusations against the Trump administration and the Middle East allies and against the Tehran: the factor that fills the Arab relations and fills the instability in the region. The US still has hundreds of people in Syria and 5,000 in Iraq. Analysts have warned that an asymmetrical conflict with US troops targeted by Iranian ally militias is a boiling threat.

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