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Col. Turki Al-Maliki
Like the United States, Saudi Arabia is confirming that Iran might have orchestrated the missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil reserves.

Iranian Drone Debris Found At the Armaco Attack Site

 Like the United States, Saudi Arabia is confirming that Iran might have orchestrated the missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil reserves. The Defense Ministry of Saudi Arabia displayed the Iranian made equipment at a press conference in Riyadh. The exact point of the attacks is still to be ascertained but the Trump administration has already made public assertions of Iran being the main protagonist in the whole issue.

The precision impact of the cruise missile, it has been ascertained by Saudi defense agencies, indicates advanced capability beyond the capacity of Iran’s proxies. “The targeting direction of the site indicates a north-to-south direction of travel.  Eighteen drones and three missiles were launched against Abqaiq, the location of the world’s largest oil-processing facility, but the missiles “fell short” of the target, defense ministry spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki said. A further four missiles targeted the Khurais oil field, he added.

However, the Kingdom has given out the message, that the attacks have had no impact on their economic standing as the world’s largest oil suppliers. The supply has been cut down by 50 percent, but the administration is confident to bounce back by the end of the month. This might look like an arrogant assertion, but Saudi Arabia is receiving support from all its major buyers which includes the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.

The missiles used as the one which has apparently been employed by the Iranian backed Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, an outfit which is already sanctioned by the US as a terrorist organization. 

Tehran has a reaction of its own to give. It has reacted to Mike Pompeo’s statement made in Saudi Arabia as “Iran has indulged in an act of war”, saying that they will not fall short of retaliation if something of this conspires from a US-instigated the attack.

Earlier attacks on the oil facilities by the Houthi rebels were also attributed to Iran by the US, but Tehran denied all of them. The weight of the blame is heavier this time, as Trump was already preparing for increasing the number of sanctions on Iran, just before the attacks on the Saudi Arabian facilities happened.

Also, political analysts have seen that Trump has refrained from getting involved in military decision making but has made loaded and needling statements via his favorite ‘twitter’ medium.

Jonathan Marcus is a BBC defense and diplomatic correspondent who has created a detailed analysis of where Iran stands in the scheme of things.

He suggests how the Reuters news agency quoted an adviser to Iran’s president as saying the current press briefing over the drone and missile attacks showed Saudi Arabia “knows nothing” about the attacks.

A spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi rebels had something completely diametrically opposite to point that. He said that the satellite imagery had actually been fabricated and that the damage to the Saudi facilities had been played down.

In another instance, military spokesman Brig-Gen Yahya Sarea has stressed again that the Houthis were behind the attacks, and detailed the type and ranges of the missiles and drones they could deploy.

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