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Iranian Army: Rumors of escaped or arrested commanders are false

According to a report by Radio Farda, an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Association (IRGC) spokesman recently rejected rumors that senior commanders of the army of the Islamic Republic either fled the country or were arrested by the government as a spy.

At first, the IRGC said he didn’t mind rumors until Wednesday when spokesmen Ramezan Sharif officially approved and responded to the allegations that the rumors were wrong.

Sharif, according to the IRGC’s Persian news agency, to spread these rumors “crime and social media networks and media use” reports that the enemy tactics, he said. He continued by saying that the commanders were active in new positions and seriously fulfilling their duties ”.

According to the Radio Farda report, the news agency appeared on several websites claiming that General Mohammad Tavalee, IRGC’s deputy general manager for strategic affairs, was arrested after attempting to flee Iran – his arrest was due to stolen aid in the Israeli operation, secret Iranian nuclear archives.

The stolen archives obtained by a secret Mossad delegation were later presented by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his April April 2018 speech as evidence and evidence that Iran lied about its nuclear targets for the purpose of making a nuclear bomb.

There are other reports that another commander, Mostafa Rabiee, has been forced to change as an assistant IRGC inspector. Other rumors claim that General Ali Nassiri fled the country after taking office two months ago.

Reza Alijani, an Iranian political activist, told Radio Farda last year that several IRGC members tasked with gathering intelligence on Israeli operations were executed for espionage in Israel, as well as more reports on other officials.

After Hossein Salami installed the commander-in-chief of the IRGC, many commanders disappeared and were never heard again. In recent years there have been reports that these commanders have been accused of espionage for Israel and then executed for their discontent.

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