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Iran wants to extend weapons of mass destruction

The Islamic Republic of Iran stated that the regional intelligence service of the state of Southern Bavaria was linked to the mass destruction weapons program in May 2019 intelligence report.

In the hair removal section of the report reviewed by the JerusalemPost, it is stated that the Iranian regime un strives to expand the traditional weapons arsenal with weapons of mass destruction.

In the 335-page document, which identified serious threats to the security and democracy of the Bavarian state, Iran was called a country.

The official name of the local intelligence agency is the Bavarian Constitution Protection Office in the intelligence report. FoxNews.com reported on Tuesday that the Bavarian intelligence agency y accused the Islamic Republic of building weapons of mass destruction.

The intelligence report defines the weapons of mass destruction as atomic, biological, and the spread of weapons of chemical destruction.US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell told FoxNews, u We know that the Iranian regime is looking for money to finance its malignant activities, and so the US and our European allies must work together to reject the capital they are looking for. Use secret plans and dark coins; We must be vigilant. They’re tied to the money. “US President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear agreement in 2018 because he said the agreement did not prevent the Islamic Republic regime from building an atomic weapon.

Tehran agreed to reduce its nuclear program as part of the deal in exchange for the abolition of sanctions against its economy. World forces and UN-sanctioned Iran’s regime because of its nuclear program.

In order to obtain the necessary knowledge and the corresponding components, these states are trying to establish business contacts with companies in highly technological countries such as Iran,
North Korea, and Pakistan, the Bavarian intelligence report said. The country’s criminal customs police said it blocked the sale of an electron beam welding machine to Iran.”The machine can be used for the production of [missile] launch vehicles,“ he said.

According to the report, “In order to hide the main customer in Iran” machine was made comprehensive initiatives. The real end-user was in Iran, but the illegal activity said the end-user companies in Malaysia. Efforts to illegally bypass German export control regulations have led to a convicted conviction of the Bavarian-based company manager, who is trying to sell the welding machine to Iran.

The Bavarian agency said, ’Iran will continue to monitor the consistent and final compliance with the agreement signed in July 2015.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Social Democratic Foreign Minister Heiko Maas remained bound by the Iranian nuclear agreement. Traditionally, Germany became Iran’s most important European trade partner, and in February the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated Iran’s Islamic Revolution in Tehran’s embassy in Berlin.

Merkel appointed Per Fischer, a German banker to carry out a mechanism to bypass US sanctions on Iran. The special purpose vehicle mechanism is located in Paris and allows it to trade with Iran.

Fischer previously worked for Commerzbank. In 2015, Commerzbank agreed to pay the US $ 1.45 billion to US authorities to resolve violations of Iran sanctions and other sanctions.

The US has identified Iran’s regime as the biggest state sponsor of terrorism.

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