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Iran said that the US sanctions after the sanctions to leave the nuclear ‘is one of the options’

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday that withdrawal from an agreement to prevent nuclear proliferation (NPT) is one of the “many options” Tehran should retaliate against re-implementation of US sanctions.

“There are many options for the Islamic Republic, and the country’s officials are considering them,” the IRNA news agency said in an interview, said.

“One of the options to quit the Treaty on Spread (NPT)” said.

Trump administration, due to Washington’s withdrawal from the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA) in May last year Xinhua reported pressure on a series of sanctions imposed on Tehran.

In November last year, the United States, Iran’s banking, energy and the sanctions for the maritime sector, South Korea, Japan, and Turkey, including Iran’s largest oil buyer given to the eight despite a 180-day waiver was renewed.

Last week, the US State Department announced that it would not renew waivers for eight Iranian oil importers, including India and China, which are valid until May 1st.

The decision was intended to meet Washington’s intention to ensure that all countries import oil imports from Iran to zero, and this could damage Iran’s economy.

Elegant, “JCPOA showed sanctions they were excluded from the negotiations, “he added, adding that his country did not violate its commitments.

The NPT came into force in 1970 to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and was approved by 190 governments. (ANI)


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