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Iran rejects Donald Trump’s claim that the US struck down one of its drone in Strait of Hormuz

Iran has rejected that a US warship struck down one of its drone in the strait of Hormuz, in uplifted strains between the two nations.

Donald Trump said that USS Boxer made the protective move after the drone and came quite close to the warship and neglected many distress calls to stand down.

“The drone was destroyed immediately,” Trump stated, The unmanned drone endangered the safety of the American ship and its crew members.

They asked other nations to censure Iran and guard their ships.” This incident is the newest of many such hostile and provocative moves by Iran.

The United States owns the rights to protect our personnel, amenities, and interests, and he asks all nations to condemn Iran’s trials to intrude freedom of navigation and worldwide commerce.

“Nevertheless, Iran denied Trump’s cases. “We haven’t suffered any drone in the Strait of Hormuz nor anyplace else. I am concerned that USS Boxer has shot down their very own UAS unintentionally!” The deputy foreign minister, Abbas Araqchi, tweeted.”

A fixed-wing unmanned aeronautical system approached Boxer and closed within an alarming range.

The vessel took defensive move against the UAS to assure the security of the ship and its crew.” according to the chief Pentagon spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman’s written statement to media. The report additionally dismissed any reference to how the drone was struck down.

However, CNN informed that it was destroyed by electronic jamming, instead of gunfire. On a visit to the UN in New York, the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denied losing any drone. He outlined for journalists:

“We have no data about losing a drone.” Iran as of late shot down a US drone that it said was flying over Iranian waters. Trump canceled a planned retaliatory missile strike at the last minute. Zarif said the two countries had been “a few minutes away” from conflict.

He also stated: “I trust President Trump used prudence by not agreeing to the proposals that were made to him to counter because, in my opinion, he has information that no war with Iran would be a small war.”

By Grace Young

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