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Iran Is Ready For Talks With US?

It is reported that Iran is open to conversations with the United States, provided the latter is willing to go back to the nuclear deal along with lifting sanctions.

But when it comes to America’s reactions, Pompeo feels extremely unsure it will be in Iran’s favor. Referring back to the days of Obama and Kennedy, Pompeo has reasons to says that “retracting the steps and going back to the Iranian Nuclear deal was a disastrous decision, something which the present administration
might not make.”

The United States wants a fair play to Iran, ensuring the nuclear and security issues surrounding the country are met once for all. However, Tehran seems to be only interested to ensure its oil supplies remain intact while tension between these two nations is keeping the whole world of tender hooks.

The US continues to mount pressure and has said that the sanctions will be increased substantially, while Tehran has confirmed it will scale back its commitment under the nuclear deal “under which it had agreed to curb its nuclear program in return for relief from the U.S. and other economic sanctions that had crippled its economy,”
a formal report of the Reuters said.

Trump has been always against the Nuclear Agreement and termed it as a “horrible mistake” in his statement from the Whitehouse in May 2018. His imposition of sanctions was a simpler way to ensure no other country would engage in providing Iran with nuclear weapons, a position Iran could exploit in the near

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