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Bassam Tibi

Iran could lead to a new genocide, warned the Islamic expert in the Austrian parliament

The well-known German-Syrian Islamic expert, Bassam Tibi, warned on Friday that the Iranian parliament could make a new genocide against the Jews in Israel.

During a memorial to the victims of Nazism, Tibi said, when an atomic bomb is planned from Iran to Israel, it is a Holocaust. And who denies that they should be punished as genocide deniers. “

Tibi told the Austrian political class, including Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, that “if it will be a repetition of the Holocaust, it will not be in Europe – where the people mature – in the Middle East.”

Tibi, who was born in Damascus in 1944, moved to Germany in 1962 and worked with the two leading German Jewish philosophers Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer in Frankfurt. Edi Adorno and Horkheimer changed my life in his speech, then he said he had to flee Hafez Assad dictator in Syria.

He is a political scientist teaching at the University of Harvard, Cornell University and the University of Göttingen.

He told the audience that those who oppose anti-Semitism should be “against all forms of anti-Semitism” and that “today’s anti-Semitism comes from the Arab region not only from the Nazi corner but also from immigrant antisemitism in the European Islamic communities”.

Tibi said modern antisemitism appears to be a critique of Israel, which is often called “the Jews of the world, which should be deleted”.

We must fight Islamic anti-Semitism, “he continued. Tibi criticized the parallelism between Islamophobia and antisemitism, proclaimed of pure ideology, and ruled that if he spoke about Islamic antisemitism, he would risk being labeled “Islamophobic”.

Tibi, who writes extensively on modern anti-Semitism, says lar Jewish life in Europe is at stake or and ”Many Jews are leaving France because they say it is safer in Israel Modern.

In addition to emphasizing the rise of Islamic anti-Semitism, Tibi pointed out the ongoing Jewish-hate scandals in the British Labor Party, noting that left-wing anti-Semitism has increased.

Tibi also stated that the Muslim Brotherhood was a very dangerous organization and that the Egyptian founder El Hasan El Banna called for the destruction of the Jews in the 1930s. This is terrorism. “

Tibi stressed the need to differentiate between Islam and Islamism.

On the one hand, Tibi said that in the United States he met Bernard Lewis, the late historian of the Middle East, and commented that tanış the Jewish historian is my mentor and friend. Bir He described Lewis as the greatest historian of Islam ’.

He accepted Lewis’s book el Jews of Islam as a critical study of his knowledge in the Middle East. While in the US, he said he felt most at home with the American Jewish community.

Austria, along with the European Union, refused to participate in US sanctions against the Iranian regime. The United States government classifies the Islamic Republic of Iran as the biggest state sponsor of terrorism. Austria also refused to ban the military wing of Hezbollah, a terrorist entity. The aim of Hezbollah is the destruction of Israel.

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