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Iranian minister to Boris Johnson

Iran Dismisses Any Intent Of Burning Bridges With Britain

Amidst political escalation that Britain might have got itself in trouble while White House administration was taking advantage of the situation at hand, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif has cleared any air of confusion.

The message has been directed to the future British PM, Boris Johnson. Iran, out of retaliation has held the UK flagged tanker, to an initial seizure of the Iranian tanker off Gibraltar some two weeks ago. Iran had denied that Grace 1 tanker was carrying oil for Syria and that they have violated any international trade laws at all.

While Jeremy Hunt, the British foreign minister has also clearly stated that 10 Downing Street is more interested in ‘de-escalating’ the tension with Tehran than adding any more fuel to the raging fire.

They are definitely not wishing to be the burning gun working in favor of America and would want to handle their own internal issues at hand.

Hunt explained to the media that the only reason the Royal Navy seized “Grace 1 tanker was because it was carrying oil, against EU sanctions, to Syria.’

Without siding with White House or Tehran, Hunt is clear as to what Britain has to do. He has recently informed the House of Commoners that he is moving towards putting together “ a European-led maritime protection mission for Gulf Shipping” While Zarif has had reasons to believe that the initial seizure by Britain was ‘orchestrated’ by the US President, Trump is himself creating confusion in the media when he has now made a public statement against Iran calling it the world’s top ‘state of terror.’

Zarif has further added that “It was clear from the very beginning that the United Kingdom was doing the bidding for the Trump administration. What the Brits did and what the Gibraltar authorities did in the Strait of Gibraltar was a violation of international law.
It was piracy.”

Britain will have to continue to move ahead with caution unless it wants to see itself get pulled taking sides with two nations, hell-bent to prove their point.

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