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Iran considers all US troops in the Middle East as terrorists

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Tuesday that the terrorists in the Middle East have declared all US forces and that they are terror sponsors to the US government.

Last week, the bill decided by parliament to retaliate with President Donald Trump’s decision to appoint a foreign terrorist organization to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards.

The impact of the new law on US forces or operations was unclear.

According to state media, Rohani ordered the intelligence ministry, the foreign ministry, the armed forces, and the Iranian high-national security council to enforce laws.

The law was labeled as the US Central Command (CENTCOM) terrorist organization, mainly responsible for US military operations in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The United States blacklisted dozens of people and persons for connection to the Guard, but Trump’s decision was not the whole of the organization.

An estimated voluntary paramilitary force, Basij and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), the commander of Iran’s ballistic missile programs, are an estimated 125,000 army, sea and air units. The guards’ overseas Jerusalem forces fought against the proxy wars of Iran in the region.

The long-strained relations between Tehran and Washington refused to leave Trump’s 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and six world forces last May and refuse to accept the funeral.

The Revolutionary Guards Commanders repeatedly said that US bases in the Middle East and US aircraft carriers in the Gulf were within the range of the Iranian missiles.

Rohani said on Tuesday that the United States would continue to export oil despite sanctions aimed at reducing the country’s raw shipments to zero.

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