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Internet Restored Shows Chaos In Iran

Violence and manhandling are being shown as proof of atrocities against demonstrators in Iran, as internet connectivity was restored after a weeklong blackout.

The government-imposed shutdown had invited sanctioning of the concerned minister by the United States Treasury Department last week.

New videos show how stone pelting is being responded by tear gas and machine gun firing and how demonstrators are being chased on motorcycle laden Revolutionary Guard volunteers.

The state-owned television and air space hardly allow any freedom of expression and are giving out messages that the protests are simply based on fabrications and false information given to the civilians by outside elements.

The gasoline price increase which has been a result of severe pressure meted on the general public due to US-based sanctions is one reason for great unrest in the country. The country is already dwindling under the pressure of low economic gains, poverty, lack of jobs, sanitation and medical facilities.

Mobile connectivity continues to remain scarce but people have taken to the internet to communicate their plight. As of now, Iranian government officials have not shared the extent to which human lives have been lost. According to UN figures, more than 100 people have lost their lives and several have been injured. However, with the internet being shut down for almost a week, it is difficult to ascertain exact figures.

Iran has been instrumental in bringing chaos to the Iraqi government, something the public is now completely against and thus wishes new governance which is pro-democracy and not pro-government.

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