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Infighting among Rebels is Soaring in Syria
Infighting among Rebels is Soaring in Syria

Infighting among Rebels is Soaring in Syria

Tit-for-tat fighting is soaring among the Syrian rebels. As per the local sources, the falling-out among the rebels has spread all over North-West Syria. Ideological differences are the reason for these factions among the rebels who have taken up arms against the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad.
These fights have been a common problem for the armed opposition gathered under the banner of the National Liberation Front. The Russia and Iran backed army of President Assad has gained many advantages as the rebels Turkey-backed rebels were busy in fighting turf wars. The sources said many provinces that were previously ruled by the rebels have been recovered by the President’s army.
The most recent fight broke after Tahrir al-Sham, who was involved with Al-Qaeda before, had attacked the western side of Aleppo. That side was ruled by Nour al-Din Zinki, a prominent member of mainstream National Liberation Force. The Islamist group had the upper hand in this fight and successfully seized Darat Izza. They claimed that this was a retaliation of a previous fight that killed five of the hardliners.
A source inside the rebel group has said that capturing Darat Izza will make the hardliners stronger and make it easy for them to start a conversation with Turkey. In the wake of the Syrian war, Turkey wants to make sure that its border with Syria is secure.
A western diplomat, who has requested anonymity, has said that the Islamist militants’ goal is to make Aleppo their stronghold. To do that, they are trying to win the adjoining territory of the country.
The tit-for-tat fight continues as the NFL has attacked Tahrir al-Sham checkpoints and strongholds in Idlib provinces. They, however, could not create much of a dent in dislodging the hardliners from the province. The clashes have now spread to Atma, home to thousands of Syrians who were displaced due to the war.
The residents are now afraid that the fight, that has already cost dozens of life will, now be spilling in the densely populated zones. Already several citizens have been killed as a result of rebels shelling each other.

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