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India ends oil imports from Iran, Image credit: flickr

India ends oil imports from Iran

India ended all oil imports in Iran, the US ambassador to Washington said on Wednesday that it has become the last country to end the threatened US sanctions.

Ambassador Harsh Vardhan Shringla said that India has sharply reduced imports from Iran and received a million tons of crude in April, ending all exceptions that Washington had launched and imposed a campaign against Tehran.

That’s it. After that, we didn’t import any. Nar Shringla told reporters in the briefing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election victory.

Shringla said that India, which was hungry for energy, ended all imports from Venezuela because it thought it was a partner of the United States – but that this change suffered at home because it met 10 percent of India’s oil needs in Iran.’

An extended neighbor, said Shringla, who has long been a cultural tie to Iran, has refused to say whether New Delhi has shared President Donald Trump’s concerns about Tehran.

This is really a matter that needs to be addressed between the US and Iran. We only look at Shringla as a third party in many ways. But he added: We don’t want to see any movement in this area in any way, we’re very much committed to stability in that part of the world for a simple reason.

Last year, Trump withdrew from a multinational treaty, in which he sharply scaled Iran’s nuclear work in exchange for the promise of easing sanctions.

The Trump administration instead put economic pressure on Iran and recently used military assets to the region, including an aircraft carrier strike group.

From May 2 onwards, the United States ended the exemption to eight governments of the Iranian government’s unilateral decision to stop receiving Iranian oil.

A Turkish official said on Tuesday, a waiver of the area and enjoy Turkey’s strong opposition to US policy, he said that it would stop importing oil from Iran.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Morgan Ortagus, welcomed the news from Turkey.

We want the whole world to comply with these sanctions and we are grateful to our partners and our allies, he told reporters.

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