In 2018, Will Religion Play a Major Role in Politics?

Religion is an important force that persists in the lives of people as well as in politics. Religion has a major role to play in both national and international affairs. The importance of religion is such that even the United States had to request the BBC to increase their religious programs. The United States belongs to the list of the top ten least-religious countries and they too were forced to focus on religion because of the present scenario.

Conflict of Religious Beliefs

Religious freedom will be the leading theme in discussions at home as well as abroad. In the western countries the freedom of belief and the right to express that belief hardly faces any hindrance. Problems are bound to arise when the faith of one individual conflicts with that of another.

Religious Struggle Faced by Other Countries

Canada too will face religious conflict in 2018. The Canadian Supreme Court has a case which involves the freedom of Jehovah’s Witnesses related to the membership without the interference of the state.

In Europe, the number of Muslim immigrants was rising and the population of the native Christians was diminishing rapidly. In Germany, the average age of the natives is forty-seven while the immigrants are young, more religious and have a high birth rate. The social and political scenario is being affected because of immigration and such scenarios have given birth to the anti-immigrant political agendas.

Scenario in the Middle-East

Saudi Arabia is the chief supplier of extremist Wahabbi and Salafi Islamists. Even though Saudi Arabia has always been a conservative society, they have now adopted significant steps to open up. Women in Saudi Arabia are now permitted to drive and the country’s first movie hall will be inaugurated soon. In Tunisia, marriage between two different religions will be permitted. EL Sisi, the President of Egypt has urged the religious leaders Islamic scholars to develop a moderate Islam.

Protests in Iran

Mass protests are being conducted in Iran every week. The Iranians are raising their voices against “guns and butter”. Since Iran had supported terrorism and foreign wars, its economy is in a poor shape. As a result, the country is witnessing unemployment and prices of goods are exorbitantly high.  Even though Iran is a semi-democracy, the religious policies of the country are responsible for their involvement with Syria and Iraq. They should also be blamed for the repression and for making their country inhospitable to the foreigners. The aggression of Iran in the foreign countries has failed to benefit the country men. The inhabitants of Iran want a change ad their protest is worthy of support.


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