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India summons the Ambassador of Turkey .. The reason is Erdogan's statements
India summoned the Turkish ambassador, on Monday, to lodge a diplomatic protest against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statements

If Kurds don’t withdraw soon, Turkey will resume Syria operation, President Erdogan says

On Wednesday, Kurdish forces have not yet finished their withdrawal from Syria’s outskirts with Turkey, which means there could be another exercise to oust them, announced President Recep, Tayyip Erdogan.

He added that the Syrian Democratic Forces had not pulled back 30 kilometers from the north-eastern Syrian fringe as concurred under a week ago’s Sochi agreement with Russia and Kurdish.

Erdogan said that Turkey “reserves all authority to do another exercise” if the zone isn’t evacuated or if its forces come under threat.

On Tuesday, Kurdish forces were allowed a 150-hour deadline, which terminated at 7 pm UAE time.

Russian officials had informed Ankara that 34,000 fighters and also heavy weaponry had been pulled back from the zone, which Turkey calls as a safe zone.” It says the defense is required to shield its region from facing border threats.

Joint Turkish-Russian patrols will start in the region on Friday, Turkey’s leader told Wednesday.

Ankara thinks about the People’s Protection Units, which structure most of the SDF, to be subsidiary with a Kurdish terrorist group that has continued a rebellion against Turkey since 1984.

On Tuesday, the US House moved to see the Armenian destruction that occurred in 1915 and 1923 and called for sanctions on arms deals to Turkey because of its attack into Syria.

“We are not guided by cash or oil, but instead by opportunity,” Erodgan stated, alluding to the US choice to keep US troops in Syria to ensure oil facilities.

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