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Idlib’s Assad must-see places Russia warns of “fake flag” chemical attacks

Stark warned that a humanitarian disaster continued in Idlib, Syria, the United Nations shook Tuesday, but the United States and other leading states seemed incapable of stopping Bashar al-Assad’s assault.

An urgent meeting was called by Germany, Kuwait, and Belgium, five days after Russia’s declared ceasefire, which contradicted the deadly attacks on hospitals in the last Syrian rebel region.UN officials briefed the Security Council, saying that the actions of the Assad regime – including the muzzle bombs – and the Russia war airstrikes are against international law, with increasing numbers of civilians dying.

Russia and Syria, the UN-designated terrorist Life Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) said they are fighting. The views of the ambassadors of both countries indicated that the strategy of recapturing the northwest region of Idlib was not negotiated and opposed the complaints of the council members, who repeatedly prevented Russia’s ability to veto any collective action.

Russia supports Assad’s regime drew attention to the growing anger towards other council members opposed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Turkey increasingly found in Moscow and the worsening situation of balancing the call.

Russia and Turkey signed an agreement on the reduction in Idlib and in September 2018 a war more than eight years to recapture the end of the Assad regime inconspicuous area remained under pressure.

However, UN Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lowcock said the deal ignored those who controlled the sky above Idlib, saying that at least 230 people had been killed by bombings in the last six weeks.

And since May 1, almost 330,000 people have been forced to flee their homes, saying that about 10 percent of the population is threatened by Assad’s aggression. Mr. Lowcock then implied that Russia was abusing access to coordinates of hospitals – provided that they were not bombed – in order to launch air strikes on the same areas.

We are facing a humanitarian disaster that opens before our eyes. There’s no denying the truth, Lowcock said. Since he briefed the council last month, eight hospitals have been targeted by air strikes and two dozen bombs thrown. It’s horrifying that these sites hit in the first place, Low Lowcock said.“But it is unbearable to hit coordinates at a shared facility as part of the UN’s non-conflict mechanism. A number of parties now think that providing the geographical coordinates to be given to the warring parties effectively paints the target on their back. Some have concluded that hospital bombing is a deliberate tactic aimed at terrorizing people. ”United Nations Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Rosemary DiCarlo said that any speech on the ceasefire is believed to be based on military efforts. Our efforts to mediate a political solution that meets the legitimate interests of the Syrian people cannot proceed in an atmosphere of open conflict, ”he said.“Air strikes continue, barrel bombs and cluster munitions, mortar and gunfire exchanges continue, causing civilian casualties and major displacements. It is imperative that we address HTS without triggering the humanitarian catastrophe we see in front of our eyes.

According to Ms. DiCarlo, despite the Syrian and Russian military action that lasted for six weeks, Idlib’s fronts barely moved.“So it becomes a bloody and meaningless dilemma full of devastating human consequences that clearly outweigh the damage done to HTS.

Turkey’s own observation positions, the regime is wrapped with strong arms, he said first led to retaliate with heavy weapons. Council members said civilians suffered when Russia and Syria were clearly against international law.

The fight against terrorism is not an excuse to target a school or a hospital, Marc said Marc Pecsteen, the permanent UN representative to Belgium.

Russia and Syria questioned the UN sources of information, primarily referred to as World Health Organization officials, but did not deny their allegations of military forces.

Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, later warned that the White Helmets, a civil defense force in the rebel regions, annoyed the members of parliament who claimed that Idlib was preparing a “false flag’. Apply the Assad regime.

The US and other governments have said that the Syrian air force used chlorine to poison civilians and that the Russian countries were responsible for Western countries.

A Western diplomat told the National that such allegations of secret flag operations are alarming. At the courthouse, he confessed that the Assad regime seemed eager to do whatever it takes to get Idlib back.

The ongoing war for Idlib comes despite efforts by UN special envoy Geir Pedersen to find a political solution to the war, which is estimated to have killed more than half a million people.

However, Syria’s permanent UN representative, Bashar Jaafari, said that despite the West’s condemnation of the barrel bombing and the condemnation of other discriminatory military tactics in use, the military campaign in Idlib cannot be allowed.

In a long and occasional rambling speech, which he initially neglected to talk about peaceful civil protests against Mr. Assad in 2011, he said that there would be no compromise on a ground that can not be taken back by the regime.“The Syrian government will not submit to the terrorist war against it,” he said.

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