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In Syria regime forces seize principal militant-held town in Idlib
On Thursday, regime forces held onto large parts of the vital town of Saraqib as they launched an offensive in the last radical enclave

Idlib Burns Between Turkey, Russia And Rouge Militia

More deaths of civilians have been reported from Northern Syria where the Assad regime led Russian fighter planes to attack the Idlib area. Since 2011, anti-government protests have led to deaths of more than 3.7 million people in Syria and displaced millions more.

The counts of deaths have gone to 100 people in two days as renewed fighting in the area between a separate militant alliance and the Assad regime. The latter is being supported by Russia. It is confirmed that the regime leader Bashar Assad met an envoy from Russian President Vladimir Putin in Damascus to discuss the Idlib crisis and attacks launched by militant groups.

Idlib has a large civilian population and the last stronghold of a former Al-Qaeda affiliate group, a militant alliance led by Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS). The recent attack was carried out through airstrikes as regime warplanes struck a fruit and vegetable market in Maaret Al-Numan, south of Idlib, and a second produce market in Saraqib to the east.

Political analysts are saying that while Turkey is busy trying to get rid of the Kurdish forces off Northern Syrian borders, Russia and Syrian offensive forces are playing their own game. It is confirmed that the Syrian regime and its Russian backers have focused on new efforts to dislodge Syrian rebels and extremists from parts of Idlib. The recent attack is just one of the many which have rocked the populated province in the last few weeks.

Sadly so, the US has been sidelined, thanks to Trump’s retraction for forces from strategic points in Northern Syria which led the Kurdish forces to fend for themselves. Now, Turkey has summoned thousands of Syrian opposition fighters to aid its invasion of northeast Syria and get rid of these Kurds which it terms as terrorists. On the receiving end are civilians who once again are running helter-skelter after a brief ceasefire which was apparently led by Russia in October.

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