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houthi militias
houthi militias

“Hypocrite” Rohani rejects war because Iranian drones target Saudi civilians

Iran, “will not wage war against any nation,” he said. President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday – when two Iranian-backed Houthi militias in Yemen target civilians in southern Saudi Arabia.

Rouhani’s statement made a sound of restraint after announcing that the US was sending more troops to the Middle East.“Iran will not wage war against any nation,” he said. Despite the efforts of the Americans in the region and their desire to break our ties with the whole world and their desire to keep Iran secluded, they failed. ”However, he also contradicted Gen. Hossein, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Association (IRGC), who said Iran’s ballistic missile technology changed the balance of power in the Middle East.”These missiles can hit carriers at sea with great precision … they are built internally and it is difficult to intervene and strike other missiles,” Salami said.

He said Iran’s ballistic missile technology changed the balance of power in the Middle East.

Before both men spoke, Saudi air defenders were captured and shot down two Houthi planes filled with explosives. One targeted a civilian area in the southern city of Abha, and the second was shot at Yemeni airspace. There is no casualty in the Saudi-led Yemen coalition.

Saudi political analyst and international relations expert. Hamdan Al-Shehri told Arab News that Rohani’s proposal to avoid war was the culmination of hypocrisy ”.“Rouhani is the biggest hypocrite in the world,” he said. ’On the one hand, Iran does not engage in clashes with anyone, on the other hand, it launches attacks on its militias through oil tankers, oil pipelines, civil airports, and holy cities.“This is nothing but the height of hypocrisy. Who thinks you’re cheating with these words? Why do they enrich uranium? Why are they looking for a nuclear bomb? What have they done in the last forty years? They just caused trouble. They only fueled sectarian flames in the region. “The Saudi Cabinet, which gathered in Jeddah, accused Iran of Houthi’s attacks on Saudi civilians and the terrorist attack of two tankers in the Gulf of Oman last week.

Fears of confrontation US, fearing a clash between Iran and its long-standing enemies, has attacked two oil tankers near the strategic Hormuz Strait transport strip, which Washington has accused in Tehran since Thursday.

Iran refused to participate in the attacks and said on Monday it would violate the limits of how much-enriched uranium can be stored under the 2015 nuclear treaty, which seeks to limit its nuclear capabilities.

Crossing the uranium border at the heart of the agreement would have led to a diplomatic crisis that forced China, Russia, and other parties, including European powers, to confront Iran.

The opposition called for caution from China. The top diplomat condemned US pressure on Iran and warned him not to open “Pandora’s Box’ in the Middle East to avoid withdrawal from the landmark nuclear deal.

Russia called for restrictions on all sides. Iranian officials made some ambitious comments on security, including Iran’s Supreme National Security Council secretary, Ali Samhain, who said on Monday that Tehran was responsible for security in the Gulf and urged US forces to leave the region.US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan announced on Monday that he has deployed about 1,000 troops to the Middle East, saying he is concerned about Iran’s threat.

The new US deployment is in addition to an increase of 1,500 troops announced last month in response to tanker attacks in May. Washington has tightened sanctions before and ordered all countries and companies to stop Iranian oil imports or to be expelled from the global financial system.
‘Nuclear blackmail Iran announced on Monday that it would soon break the limits of the limitation of uranium on how much it could be enriched by the deal, which the White House National Security Council spokesman described as “nuclear blackmail”.The move further weakens the nuclear pact, but Rohani said on Monday that the collapse of the deal would not be in the interests of the region or the world.

The nuclear deal aims to take any path to Iran’s nuclear bombs in exchange for the abolition of most international sanctions. Wang Yi of the Chinese State Council, speaking in Beijing, said that the United States should not use “excessive pressure to resolve Iran-related problems.

Wang told China, an energy partner close to Iran, that, of course, he was ğ very worried about the situation in the Gulf and Iran, and called on all sides to ease the tension.“We call on all sides to remain rational and not to exercise restraint and take any marching action that irritates regional tensions and will not open a Pandora’s box, Wang said.“The US side, in particular, should change the methods of excessive pressure, Wang Wang said. “Unilateral behavior has no basis in international law. Not only will it solve the problem, but it will also create an even greater crisis. “Wang also said that the Iranian nuclear deal is the only convenient way to resolve the nuclear issue and that he has called on Iran to be cautious.EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said the EU would only react to any violation of the International Atomic Energy Agency officially identified it.

The Trump administration said the deal negotiated by Democratic President Barack Obama was flawed because it was not permanent, did not address Iran’s missile program and did not penalize it for conducting proxy battles in other Middle Eastern countries.

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