Human Rights Concerns Makes the Police to Use Facial Recognition in London

Human rights concerns have sparked in London after millions of people faced the prospects of being scanned by the facial recognition technology of the police. The software used by the police in order to identify the suspects has been extremely controversial and is considered to be staggeringly inaccurate. The campaigners have also claimed that the use of the technology is a violation of privacy.

The largest police force of Britain would be using the technology across six locations in London in order to test it. The police leaders have claimed that the officers make the decision to act on the potential matches with the police records. The images which do not display any spark alert are deleted immediately. The technology was used at Notting Hill Carnival and Remebrance Sunday Service previously. Scotland Yard claimed that the operation would be overt and the members of the public who were passing the cameras would be provided leaflets.

Sophia Pharaoh claimed that the use of this kind of software was an invasion of privacy and there were no second thoughts about it. Mary, a local resident had claimed that people needed to be aware of the reasons behind the use of such software. It is very important for people to understand what is going on.

Stratford had been the site of numerous regeneration projects and it had suffered numerous fights, robberies and violent attacks. There are instances of people being stabbed in the area. Many shoppers are worried about the acid attacks and the stabbings. Many people have welcomed the trial of the facial recognition because they want the police to put an end to the crimes. The footage obtained from the two cameras were scanned by the facial recognition software and it issued alerts in the monitors of the officials.


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