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Al-Qaeda’s only aim is to strengthen its financial networks, tailoring its ideology to attract disenfranchised Yemenis, and cooperating with local tribal factions in Yemen right now.

How Al-Qaeda Has Made The Best of Yemeni War

The Yemeni war started in 2015 and since then, has to lead to the worst humanitarian crises the world has ever seen.  It was essentially ‘just’ supposed to be a civil war between the two factions; the Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi led the Yemeni government and the Houthi armed movement, along with their supporters and allies. Both were then claiming to constitute the official government of Yemen. Like any other moment of evolution, Yemen was going through its own. But the owns vowing for power over its rich reserves of oil and natural gas, have now made it a playground of power.

And since then, a lot of many nations have naturally jumped on the bandwagon and there is no respite to misery facing this essentially agriculture driven nation.

Since 2016, the country has been dealing with a cholera outbreak leave alone over the 3.3 million children and pregnant or lactating women who currently suffer from acute malnutrition.

It is true that Iran led Houthis have done huge damage to the country.  Houthis have been gaining more power by holding up food aid on various check posts in Yemen. It has been seen as an act of retaliation which continues to add on to the misery of the common man who is left dwindling between factions that are fighting for ownership of Yemen.

While leaving no stone unturned to dampen all UN efforts to end the war, Houthis have been holding out prominence in Yemen with help from Iran. Their actions against the coalition’s air power and blockades cannot go on forever. However, this Southbound militia is hell-bent to carry on and not give up.

Iran has played its part in this whole Yemeni political drama. While Houthis have been instrumental in enforcing themselves as the true dwellers of Yemen, asserting their Shia antecedence is far more powerful that the Sunny one, this is not the real problem in Yemen. On the other side of this offensive is the Saudi coalition which is hell-bent to drive out the Houthi militia. Yemen’s Houthi rebels are a decades-old resistance movement, born in opposition to Saudi Arabia’s religious influence.  So, it only makes sense that Saudi coalition would want them out and get a piece of the rich Yemeni pie as well.

However, the biggest risk to the Yemeni essential tribal setups is not the Houthi onslaught, but something more dangerous, which is eating into the lives and thoughts like a silent plague.

More important is the role of the Muslim Brotherhood inspired terrorist organizations that have chosen Yemen as their thriving base. This essentially refers to the Al-Qaeda, Daesh and ISIS militia that have a long term strategy in mind to meet their objective of establishing a global caliphate of the Islamic order.

Al-Qaeda has been seen moving around in Afghani outfits in Yemen, fighting all the other smaller militant factions from inside. Supported by the Al-Islah party, a coalition within Yemen, it is working its way into the minds of the innocent and war have torn common man who is looking for a solution to meet his basic needs.

Social media accounts are full of news of allegations against the Saudi led coalition and Houthis where Al-Qaeda shows itself off as a humanitarian lot that is willing to provide, basic amenities. It will take a lot back in return like has been happening in the past.

Al-Qaeda’s only aim is to strengthen its financial networks, tailoring its ideology to attract disenfranchised Yemenis, and cooperating with local tribal factions in Yemen right now.

What is also interesting to note is how the Saudi-led coalition’s one-sided focus on driving out the Houthis has gone in favor of the Al-Qaeda. It is done nothing more than social damage, leave alone economical damage but has also opened easy and comfortable avenues for Al-Qaeda to regroup in Yemen and use other smaller terror groups to fulfill its needs. It continues to be a part of the Yemeni crises since 1998. Many cells were wiped out with the help of Saudi led coalition working in tandem with the United States. However, sources have confirmed that Al-Qaeda continues to work within Yemen, with complete support from the Al-Islah party that is the backbone of Hadi’s government. Al-Qaeda has exploited the fact that the Saudi financed Al-Islah and the coalitions themselves are at war with Houthis. Latter are willing to side with this terror group, little realizing they are actually selling their soul to the devil itself.

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