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Houthis Attack Saudi Airport, Intensifying Yemen Conflict

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Yemen’s Houthi rebels assaulted an airport in southern Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, wounding 26 the people of the latest escalation of a confrontation that threatens to further stress relations between the United States and also Iran.

Saudi Arabia, which considers the Houthis Iranian proxies, described the attack as a “continuation of the Iranian regime’s assistance and also the practice of cross-border terrorism” and also vowed to retaliate.

On Monday, the official Saudi Press Agency reported that it is coalition had “intensified” air raids on the Houthis in northwest Yemen.

As the United States and also Iran have exchanged increasingly aggressive rhetoric and also dialed up their military posturing, the Houthis have attacked Saudi oil installations and also airports.

The Houthis have regularly released missiles into Saudi Arabia since they began battling the Saudi-led coalition in 2015 however had reined in their strikes as serenity talks directed by the United Nations progressed late last year.

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